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Cigarette making machine MINI Mark

We offer for sale a completely new machine for the production of cigarettes MARK-1000. Using the proven cigarette production technologies on MARK machines in combination with modern controls, we have created a machine that is free from the defects of its predecessor. Its current working capacity is 1000 cigarettes per minute. The machine is already driven by servomotors, not old unreliable gears and motors, regulated by a user-friendly touch panel with process visualization. Very easy to use, with several levels simplifying the process of operator training that we carry out in our company. After two days of training, you can now operate the machine yourself. The machine has been reduced to such a small size that it allows road transport by delivery trucks without the need to dismantle the machine into transport modules and problematic start-up after transport, which was a difficulty in the old machine. This has significantly improved and simplified the machine servicing process, which can be easily done in our company. The machine has reduced power consumption, limited noise. Also, changes in the tobacco feeder enabled the use of inferior quality tobacco and unstable humidity. The weight of the machine does not exceed 1000 kg. Despite these changes, the entire process of paper rolling, tobacco feeding and filtering is an accurate representation of the currently known machine on the market with several dozen years of experience in cigarette production. We mention that it is possible to supply our clients with raw materials for production such as tissue paper, filters, adhesives, cork wrapping at very attractive prices and transfer of production know-how by experienced operators. There is a possibility of selling in installments.